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Application Portal for Spring 2021 Grant Program Now Open

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Three times a year, SPSP gives members the opportunity to apply for a Small Research Grant. These grants are offered to gift the opportunity to create well-powered studies, spur research and innovation, and provide topics for discussion and advancement of the field during the annual convention. Members may request up to $1,500 for their research projects.

Small Research Grants are another way SPSP provides opportunities for members at any institution. These grants are especially geared towards post-PhD members at institutions that may not provide the same level of resources as larger universities or places of research. The Small Research Grant program is also designed to successfully allow members to obtain larger grants by providing the initial seed money to begin research.

Dr. Chris Martin was awarded a small research grant in 2020 to study efficacy of a short intervention to promote well-being at highly competitive university:

“The grant enabled to do research that I wouldn’t other wise have been able to do. The money is being used to compensate people for a study on increasing wellbeing sustainably, which has continually become more relevant for college students at highly competitive colleges. It’s also a topic that I wish I had learned in college. The program may be especially helpful because the program involves modules on cultivating friendships and oriented your behavior around your long-term values, which may be more pertinent during social lockdowns when it’s easy to become lonely or lethargic. Being a student at a large university can be also trigger feelings of anonymity, so I think some students appreciate the opportunity to participate in a program that takes their personality into account.”

Below are the current grant application periods for Spring and Summer research grant opportunities in 2020. Consider applying!

Spring: Submit from September 15 to November 15

Summer: Submit from February 15 to April 15

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